Miss Molly Wallie Pasquallie

Allow me to introduce to you Miss Molly Wallie Pasquallie. In the southern tradition Miss Pasquallie is known to friends as Miss Molly and to family and very close friends as just Molly.  Molly is a lady although I’ve seen her clearing mouth fulls of dirt from a mole hill in pursuit of the little creature and race in front of my pickup at 30 mph. Molly is a lady although I’ve seen her laying upside down with her feet in the air and her head hanging off the edge of the recliner snoring louder than the TV.  Molly is a lady although I’ve seen her chase jackrabbits and from the smell, I know she has had her run ins with skunks. Molly is a lady and she is a friend of mine.

If anyone can own a dog, I guess she belongs to a stepdaughter who left her with us when she went away to seek fame and fortune in the city. I hope she finds it. When Molly and the stepdaughter first came to stay with us, Molly was at times a hand full. She had trouble figuring out who our friends were and who was our  enemies. She didn’t understand why we didn’t like the armadillo but we did like the neighbors cows. Why we had posted signs but it was OK for the FedEx lady to come to the house.

Molly has at times shown her protective side. When the man comes to collect our trash each week Molly will run to the window and the hair on her back will bristle up and she announces his presence with a deep chested WOOF, WOOF. She has taught the other three dogs in the house to join in the woffing anytime a car comes down our drive toward the house.

Last night, Cleo the cat showed up on the back porch screaming to let us know that something was after her. Sue opened the back door and Molly bounded past her stopping briefly to check Cleo then into the back yard with the hair on her back bristled up from nose to tail and a hardy WOOF, WOOF. We never saw what was chasing Cleo or what Molly was after. It could have been a coyote or bobcat or any number of wild East Texas night creatures. Molly was ready to protect.

Molly is an attractive mix of German Shepard and Golden Lab.  Blond hair and black face, she has hair growing from parts of her body that gives her somewhat the look of an alien. She is always lovable but sometimes lovable to a fault. She always wants to be to close but you miss her when shes not.

Day before yesterday I was test riding a new SWB recumbent that my son, David, and I built. I fell and hit the ground hard enough that it produced a loud yell from me. Immediately I felt the pain and my first though was, “if I can get up and walk away from this, I’ll be lucky”. I guess that Molly sensed that something was wrong and ran to the house jumping on the door until Sue let her in. She whined and would run to the door until Sue let her out, but she would not leave and whined and ran a short distance away waiting for Sue to follow.

Sue did follow Molly and found me climbing to my feet after extracting myself from under the new recumbent. She ask if I was OK and of course I said I was even though my back was hurting a lot. It turned out it was a bruised tailbone and with time it will heal. Molly was ready to protect.

I have a little dog that Elizabeth, my deceased wife, and I had. Po is at least 18 years old and a precious little Peek-A-Poo weighing only 6 pounds. I’ve always though that when Po was gone there would never be another dog in my life. But, Miss Molly Wallie Pasquallie is a friend of mine.


Two Coopers Hawks

Coopers Hawk

I’ve been having some knee problems, so, I haven’t ridden my trike for a couple of weeks. This week I made some gearing changes that I hope will ease the knee problems. This morning I decided to take a short 5 mile ride and try out the new lower gears on the trike.
As pictured below, we now have a Coopers Hawk on our property. As I left the house, near a stand of pines, a hawk jumped from the ground to a fence post. I came to a stop about 30 feet away. Another hawk took flight from the same area and flew right over my head not 10 feet above me. The hawk on the fence and I sat motionless for at least 5 minutes. I could hear the other hawk calling from a distance behind me. Finally the hawk on the fence gave the same shrill call and joined the other in flight. They both landed in a dead oak about 100 yards away.   .
I have seen one or the other hawk for the last several days, it was not until our encounter this morning that I knew there were two.  I still don’t know if this is a pair of Coopers Hawks or a mother and offspring. Either way, it’s way cool to have them around.

Coopers Hawk in the yard.


This morning I was doing my daily early morning check my email, read the forums, etc. when I caught something out of the corner of my eye.  It’s not uncommon to see a rabbit, squirrel or armadillo in the back yard. This one caught me by surprise. It was a hawk sitting on the ground eating something. I grabbed the camera and got a few pictures through the window by my computer station.

When I first spotted the hawk, he/she was on the ground behind the house near the storeroom. I had ample time to take many pictures before she flew up to a low branch in the pine trees hear my window. Again I had time to take several pictures before she flew back to the ground in front of the storeroom and another round of pictures. Finally she flew to the roof of the storeroom and sat for awhile. Finally I got one last picture as she flew away screeching very loudly.

No one goes to the back of our property. It is densely forested and difficult to get to as is our neighbors on each side of us. I doubt if anyone has been back there since the fire last year. For the past month I’ve seen a hawk carrying rabbits, vole and mice back to this area. My assumption has been that it had a nest back in this area.

For the past couple of days this hawk has been spotted near my workshop. I wonder now if this is one of the parents or if this might be one of the offspring. Whatever, it has added a blessing to my morning.

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As best as I can determine from my search of Google Images, this is a Coopers hawk.

Beauty In East Texas

This has been a special spring in East Texas. We have been in a drought for several years and this year the rains have come at the right times. It started in February when the wild Daffodil covered the pastures. It’s not stopped yet and waves of color have covered the country side. I’ll soon post pictures of the my neighborhood so you can see the splendor of East Texas. None will be more brilliant than this Desert Rose on our back patio. This plant really enjoys the heat and humidity we have now.


Here in east Texas we are surrounded by a wide selection of birds. There is a small town nearby (Wills Point, TX) that lays claim to being the worlds capital for blue birds. I have oft felt guilty for not putting up blue bird houses. We have a metal sculptor in the back with metal limbs, birds and a metal birdhouse. I guess the blue birds decided to get by best they could.


Real Reality TV In Real Time.

Here’s hoping you, your family or friends were not affected by yesterdays tornadoes in the Dallas area. I cry this morning as I see reports of homes destroyed and families hurt by yesterdays tornadoes.

As I sat in front of my computer yesterday afternoon, reports of tornadoes began coming in on the TV. As time progressed the TV station began showing more than the usual Doppler Radar shots. As they switched from Sky Cam to Sky Cam and a cam parked on the side of the freeway, you could see the outline of a tornado on the ground as it crossed from Tarrant to Dallas County. Fifteen minutes into this tornado they have a helicopter in the air showing in real time the devastation that a powerful act of nature can have on the frail things that man as placed on the earth.

Here is a short clip of this powerful tornado in action. This tornado stayed on ground 30 plus minutes.

As other tornadoes were being spotted in and around Dallas, I called my son and daughter to advise them of the danger if they had not see the reports. My daughter, Darcy, and I talked and as much as we hated to see the loss of property there was a spectacular display of technology on TV. We sat in our living rooms watching big screen TV, in real time, for 3 hours as tornadoes ripped through Dallas and surrounding areas. We watched as a helicopter showed us 18 wheeler trailers being tossed around like leaves being blown by the wind. In real time we saw homes and buildings being ripped apart and fly through the air and a helpless feeling as nothing could be done. This was real reality TV in real time.

I equate this as the same feeling I had as a teenager, and in real time, I watched a small black and white TV and saw Neal Armstrong take man’s first step on the moon.

The Pink House on Charles Street – Tornadoes

I remember many stories as a child living in North Texas that involved family and friends and tornadoes.  After Georgia’s funeral we had a gathering of family and friends. I spent a few minutes with Don and Connie and going over a lot of “do you remember when” topics. I wish we had more time together. They both seem like great people.

There was a picture of Georgia and her family on display, from many years ago, standing in front of a house that was across town from where we lived. The house prompted Don’s “do you remember when” the tornado hit the house we were living in. “It tore the end of the house off.” Don did not elaborate much more on the story. I wish I had ask more questions. My mother had told the story in a somewhat different way. She had told me that Robert had put Georgia and the kids in the bathtub with a mattress over them. The tornado had taken most of the roof off the house and knocked out the windows and Robert was still trying to hold the door shut. That’s the version I will always remember.

In those days a lot of people had storm cellars. I remember stories my mother told me about Georgia and her fear of storms. She was ready to go to the storm cellar anytime it clouded up. From what I remember of storm cellars I would rather face the storm than go into the cellar. I still see many storm cellars around older homes, even here in East Texas.

I don’t remember my age, but at some point there was a very bad tornado in McKinney.  My Mom and Dad and I and I think my sister Lois took a trip to McKinney to look at the damage. There was a hospital in McKinney that was severely damaged. I think it may have been a VA hospital. I did a google search and found several references to a tornado in 1948 that did a lot of damage to the city. That would have made me only 4 years old. We would probably have still been in the Cherry Street House at that time.

I mentioned this in one of my other post. One Saturday morning I went to the church office with my Dad. He used to tape a sermon in his office on Saturday mornings that would be broadcast on Sunday morning at a little radio station between Sherman and Dennison. We walked outside, on our way to deliver the tape, and I was quickly rushed back inside by my Dad. There was three tornado funnel in the sky at the same time. I remember a lot of debris in the sky, like a bale of hay and what looked like a chicken coop roof. It was quite dark outside and a very eerie feeling. We ran through the new church building and into the basement of the old building. About 30 minutes later we went back outside and all was well. I don’t remember how much real damage was done but it has always stuck in my mind as a scary day.

To be continued