Georgia (Tootie) Sullivan
Graduation Sherman, Texas

I spent a few days with Darcy and she had mother’s photo album. I am having duplicates made and will send you one when done. I have  a lot of pictures of Donnie, Connie and Gwen.

I will have a web site up within a few days. I hope you will come and help ID unknown people in pictures and approximate year of picture. These are mostly from an album that mother (Viola Sullivan) had kept. Darcy Baldwin (my daughter) is working on a family tree so I’m trying to help out.

This was added after the email was sent. This is the site where I am putting mamma’s picture album. I have 20 of 100 plus pages up now.

Merry Christmas Ya’ll

Click on pictures for a larger view.


18 robertfisherman

Robert (Bob) Langston
1-20″ 5lb 8oz
1-23″ 6lb 3oz


Don (Donnie) Langston Year???

johnny cardell

Johnny Cardell


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