Miss Molly Wallie Pasquallie

Allow me to introduce to you Miss Molly Wallie Pasquallie. In the southern tradition Miss Pasquallie is known to friends as Miss Molly and to family and very close friends as just Molly.  Molly is a lady although I’ve seen her clearing mouth fulls of dirt from a mole hill in pursuit of the little creature and race in front of my pickup at 30 mph. Molly is a lady although I’ve seen her laying upside down with her feet in the air and her head hanging off the edge of the recliner snoring louder than the TV.  Molly is a lady although I’ve seen her chase jackrabbits and from the smell, I know she has had her run ins with skunks. Molly is a lady and she is a friend of mine.

If anyone can own a dog, I guess she belongs to a stepdaughter who left her with us when she went away to seek fame and fortune in the city. I hope she finds it. When Molly and the stepdaughter first came to stay with us, Molly was at times a hand full. She had trouble figuring out who our friends were and who was our  enemies. She didn’t understand why we didn’t like the armadillo but we did like the neighbors cows. Why we had posted signs but it was OK for the FedEx lady to come to the house.

Molly has at times shown her protective side. When the man comes to collect our trash each week Molly will run to the window and the hair on her back will bristle up and she announces his presence with a deep chested WOOF, WOOF. She has taught the other three dogs in the house to join in the woffing anytime a car comes down our drive toward the house.

Last night, Cleo the cat showed up on the back porch screaming to let us know that something was after her. Sue opened the back door and Molly bounded past her stopping briefly to check Cleo then into the back yard with the hair on her back bristled up from nose to tail and a hardy WOOF, WOOF. We never saw what was chasing Cleo or what Molly was after. It could have been a coyote or bobcat or any number of wild East Texas night creatures. Molly was ready to protect.

Molly is an attractive mix of German Shepard and Golden Lab.  Blond hair and black face, she has hair growing from parts of her body that gives her somewhat the look of an alien. She is always lovable but sometimes lovable to a fault. She always wants to be to close but you miss her when shes not.

Day before yesterday I was test riding a new SWB recumbent that my son, David, and I built. I fell and hit the ground hard enough that it produced a loud yell from me. Immediately I felt the pain and my first though was, “if I can get up and walk away from this, I’ll be lucky”. I guess that Molly sensed that something was wrong and ran to the house jumping on the door until Sue let her in. She whined and would run to the door until Sue let her out, but she would not leave and whined and ran a short distance away waiting for Sue to follow.

Sue did follow Molly and found me climbing to my feet after extracting myself from under the new recumbent. She ask if I was OK and of course I said I was even though my back was hurting a lot. It turned out it was a bruised tailbone and with time it will heal. Molly was ready to protect.

I have a little dog that Elizabeth, my deceased wife, and I had. Po is at least 18 years old and a precious little Peek-A-Poo weighing only 6 pounds. I’ve always though that when Po was gone there would never be another dog in my life. But, Miss Molly Wallie Pasquallie is a friend of mine.


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