Two Coopers Hawks

Coopers Hawk

I’ve been having some knee problems, so, I haven’t ridden my trike for a couple of weeks. This week I made some gearing changes that I hope will ease the knee problems. This morning I decided to take a short 5 mile ride and try out the new lower gears on the trike.
As pictured below, we now have a Coopers Hawk on our property. As I left the house, near a stand of pines, a hawk jumped from the ground to a fence post. I came to a stop about 30 feet away. Another hawk took flight from the same area and flew right over my head not 10 feet above me. The hawk on the fence and I sat motionless for at least 5 minutes. I could hear the other hawk calling from a distance behind me. Finally the hawk on the fence gave the same shrill call and joined the other in flight. They both landed in a dead oak about 100 yards away.   .
I have seen one or the other hawk for the last several days, it was not until our encounter this morning that I knew there were two.  I still don’t know if this is a pair of Coopers Hawks or a mother and offspring. Either way, it’s way cool to have them around.


Coopers Hawk in the yard.


This morning I was doing my daily early morning check my email, read the forums, etc. when I caught something out of the corner of my eye.  It’s not uncommon to see a rabbit, squirrel or armadillo in the back yard. This one caught me by surprise. It was a hawk sitting on the ground eating something. I grabbed the camera and got a few pictures through the window by my computer station.

When I first spotted the hawk, he/she was on the ground behind the house near the storeroom. I had ample time to take many pictures before she flew up to a low branch in the pine trees hear my window. Again I had time to take several pictures before she flew back to the ground in front of the storeroom and another round of pictures. Finally she flew to the roof of the storeroom and sat for awhile. Finally I got one last picture as she flew away screeching very loudly.

No one goes to the back of our property. It is densely forested and difficult to get to as is our neighbors on each side of us. I doubt if anyone has been back there since the fire last year. For the past month I’ve seen a hawk carrying rabbits, vole and mice back to this area. My assumption has been that it had a nest back in this area.

For the past couple of days this hawk has been spotted near my workshop. I wonder now if this is one of the parents or if this might be one of the offspring. Whatever, it has added a blessing to my morning.

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As best as I can determine from my search of Google Images, this is a Coopers hawk.