Beauty In East Texas

This has been a special spring in East Texas. We have been in a drought for several years and this year the rains have come at the right times. It started in February when the wild Daffodil covered the pastures. It’s not stopped yet and waves of color have covered the country side. I’ll soon post pictures of the my neighborhood so you can see the splendor of East Texas. None will be more brilliant than this Desert Rose on our back patio. This plant really enjoys the heat and humidity we have now.



Here in east Texas we are surrounded by a wide selection of birds. There is a small town nearby (Wills Point, TX) that lays claim to being the worlds capital for blue birds. I have oft felt guilty for not putting up blue bird houses. We have a metal sculptor in the back with metal limbs, birds and a metal birdhouse. I guess the blue birds decided to get by best they could.