Real Reality TV In Real Time.

Here’s hoping you, your family or friends were not affected by yesterdays tornadoes in the Dallas area. I cry this morning as I see reports of homes destroyed and families hurt by yesterdays tornadoes.

As I sat in front of my computer yesterday afternoon, reports of tornadoes began coming in on the TV. As time progressed the TV station began showing more than the usual Doppler Radar shots. As they switched from Sky Cam to Sky Cam and a cam parked on the side of the freeway, you could see the outline of a tornado on the ground as it crossed from Tarrant to Dallas County. Fifteen minutes into this tornado they have a helicopter in the air showing in real time the devastation that a powerful act of nature can have on the frail things that man as placed on the earth.

Here is a short clip of this powerful tornado in action. This tornado stayed on ground 30 plus minutes.

As other tornadoes were being spotted in and around Dallas, I called my son and daughter to advise them of the danger if they had not see the reports. My daughter, Darcy, and I talked and as much as we hated to see the loss of property there was a spectacular display of technology on TV. We sat in our living rooms watching big screen TV, in real time, for 3 hours as tornadoes ripped through Dallas and surrounding areas. We watched as a helicopter showed us 18 wheeler trailers being tossed around like leaves being blown by the wind. In real time we saw homes and buildings being ripped apart and fly through the air and a helpless feeling as nothing could be done. This was real reality TV in real time.

I equate this as the same feeling I had as a teenager, and in real time, I watched a small black and white TV and saw Neal Armstrong take man’s first step on the moon.


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