My sister, Georgia

This past week my sister Georgia died. She will be missed by all. I retain many wonderful memories of her and her family.


2 responses to “My sister, Georgia

  1. I hope you’ll share at some point, Dad. I always thought she was so cool growing up. We weren’t particularly close, but she never treated me like a kid, and was so with it for lack of a better term. ((hugs))

  2. Darcy, You hit the nail on the head. You are right, she didn’t treat us like kids. I was a little intimidated by her because of her dry wit. Sometimes you couldn’t tell if she was being serious or funny. As I got older…I realized …funny. It was interesting this past weekend to see how many of us in this family have that same dry sense of humor. (or as I see it, a bunch of smartasses) Even when I visited her a couple of years ago she still had that same ‘charm’ . Her personality was just the same. I suspect what some perceived as being quite in many situations, was actually being smart enough to keep her mouth shut. I could never out ‘wit’ her. She ALWAYS had a comeback! Even 2 years ago, she got me every time. I also remember she was always going to work when we visited. This work ethic which must have come from her parents runs through our family. She was a beautiful lady and I remember she had great legs! This weekend the way Connie dressed at her service reminded me of the way “Tootie” (what I always called her) dressed. Very Classy.On our last visit she talked a lot of childhood memories with my mother and of their early adult years when we lived in the same town. Every conversation came back to her children and grandchildren. She loved them so much and was so proud of them. I regret the years that our family has drifted apart and feel as if we are missing out on making these ‘ family memories’ .

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