The House on Cherry Street

Boy, that was a long time ago. I’m sure I will not remember things in chronological order. Chronological order does mean the order in which it happened, right. The house on Cherry Street, Cherry Street Park and the Pink House on Charles Street harbored my life from the time I was 18 months old until I was about 14.

I’ve been told I was 18 months old when we moved from Cleburne, Tx to Sherman, Tx. My dad was pastor of a church in Cleburne. I think it was the Bible Baptist Church, but I can’t find a website on the church. I did find a newspaper article about it’s 103 anniversary.  Some of this information would fit a church that my dad would have pastored. My parents told me many stories of Cleburne but I don’t remember most of them. Maybe because I was to young to remember that part of my life and had nothing to link it to. I’m sure my sisters could relate to that time in our family history more than I. When I took my parents back to the church, it was prospering very well and had new buildings and good attendance.

I took my parents back to Cleburne several times for anniversary services after he was retired. The last year they called asking me to bring him to an anniversary service, I had to tell them I didn’t think it was best for the church or my Dad. Even the last time I took him was one time to many. His memory had slip to a point that he didn’t remember much. Even with that he presented himself very well in the services that day. He was in church and that was enough. Didn’t matter what church.

I do remember on one of the earlier visits, that we drove around town. After my dad got his bearings, he would tell me which street to turn on and then all the memories he and mother had of the area, including where the old church was located and our old house.

This was the town that my dad related many stories that I do remember. The church in Cleburne was not large enough at that time to support the family and he had a mechanic shop to help support the family. Many, many times he would tell me stories about cars of the era that he worked on. He told me one time that he though he was one of the few old time mechanics that really understood how a Model-T transmission worked.  Other car stories like the  Hupmobile and others were numerous. My son, David and I now work on bicycles and a popular conversion is a to add a mid-drive on some of the touring bikes. I relate that to a story that my dad told me about trucks of his era. Many cars and trucks did not have enough horse power to do the duties that was demanded of them. He would install a second transmission that would add lower gears to achieve the power needed to pull the load. Nothing is new. Have I told you how much I miss him.

Cherry Street Park was just one house away as I remember it.

To be continued.


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