Sherman, Texas

Yesterday I was blogging my memories as a child in Sherman, Texas. Of course your childhood memories always include people. My life at that time was centered around church. My father was pastor for 12 years of the Central Baptist Church in Sherman. The church has a new name and location now. It’s Grayson Bible Baptist now. All of the families and kids of the families were church members that I now remember.

Central Baptist Church in those days was a very strong church for a farming community. Some of the families I remember are:

Hough family – Billy and Tony were their kids. Tony was a close friend.
Job family – Patsy and Jerry were their kids. Jerry was a close friend.
Bennet family – Roy was one of the kids, but I think there were others.
Hinnes family – Etta May (sp) was one of the children but I think there were others. I liked her very much.
Inman family – Cindy was one child and I think there were others.

In those day, it was not uncommon for a kid to leave the house on a bicycle and not be seen again that day. As long as you are home in time for supper. I remember Tony Hough and I going hunting together. We would walk out the railroad tracks to the second trestle.  It was there that we would spend many hours in the dry creek bed playing and hunting.

One day while Tony and I were walking along the dry creek bed I heard a noise from above. I climbed up the bank and saw some kittens in a hollowed out area. I reached in and picked up one of the kittens. I though I would never get away from that kitten as it climbed up my arm and across my shoulders and down the other side. It was some years later that I realized it was a bobcat kitten. I was just lucky that mamma bobcat was not at home at the time. I had contact with Tony one time as an adult. He was living in Garland, Tx and working at TI. I also know that his brother Billy was in the ministry for most of his life and that he passed a couple of years ago.

Jerry Job or it could be Jobb or Jobe. Jerry was a tall good looking kid and his sister was beautiful. Jerry was a close friend. I remember going to his house for lunch and drinking to much milk. Lost it all outside on a hot summer day. This was a very good family. My sister Lois told me that Jerry had a clothing store at one time and a worm farm at another time.

Roy Bennet was a good friend at church. We had a quartet with Roy, Jerry and a kid named Easy Alman and myself as I remember it. Easy could have been EZ. Hope I have the spelling right. Roys father was a carpenter. He played a large part in building the new auditorium at Cherry Street and Montgomery. I remember Bro Bennet pulling out a pocket knife and carving away at a 2 x 6 to make it fit something. I was amazed at how sharp that knife was. My dad told me there was a fair about of muscle behind that carving. As I remember, the church building was a self contracted building with many members pitching in to help build it.

I know there were many other families, these are the one that I was closest  to the children. My sister and I have talked many times about these families and others. She is a few years older than I and as a teenager had other memories. After moving back to north Texas, I’m sorry that I did not return to that church for more visits.

My daughter may have pictures of the Church on Montgomery and Cherry Street.

I’ll blog about the Cherry Street house, Cherry St Park and the Pink house at another time. Don’t let me forget. Time for bike riding now.



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