My eye, I can’t see. (very much)

Right Eye

About 5 months ago I had a cataract removed from my left eye. Dr. Schuricht did the left eye first because my right eye was my best eye. Last week, after several months of dealing with some heart rhythm issues, he removed the cataract from my right eye. My left eye surgery had been very successful, healed quickly and improved eyesight was quite noticeable. My right eye has been a different story.

The day after surgery on my left eye, I could see quite well. A week later and everything was good. My right eye day after surgery, looked like looking through a very heavily frosted glass. Each day there has been some improvement but yesterdays eye test confirmed that my right eye had not progressed as hoped. Dr Schuricht said it should be better at this point but there should be more improvement and scheduled a return visit for a month later. He said at that point we check and see if I would need glasses. I was very disappointed because I had been getting along quite well without glasses since the left eye surgery.

Guess what, this morning my right eye sight is noticeably better. I can cover my left eye and read the computer monitor. Distant vision is still not what I would hope, but maybe it is still coming around albeit slower. A strange observation is, I can see better through both eyes better than I can either eye individually. My hope is now, let me pass the driving test without glasses, I’ll manage the rest OK.


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