New View

My new view on East Texas

The view out my window on East Texas is a little crowded this morning. Because of the predicted cold temperatures for the next few days, the tropical plants that we keep outdoors have now been moved inside. They now occupy the sunny area in front of my view on East Texas window. I wonder what we did with all that other stuff that was in front of the window.

I don’t really mind this new view, other than the few pines we have on our place, this will be the only green I see after a few more days. East Texas is lit up with fall colors and the leaves are falling quickly. I don’t know if it because of the dought, extream heat that we had this summer or other conditions, but the fall colors seem more vivid to me than in the past.

It was about five months ago that I started writing this blog to myself. It was the day after my left eye cataract surgery. I was bored, and needing something to do I started using WordPress, a program that my daughter used and said was so much better than Blogger or whatever it was that I used at the time. She was right. I see in the picture that, although empty, the racing fuel feeder is still hanging outside. The one that I wrote about in that first post. The post where I challenged the world to bring their fast hummers over to compete against my really fast hummers. The ones I  feed special racing fuel. “Mine leave a streak of red Fbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr behind them when they fly. That’s fast”, as I wrote in my first post. No one ever took me up on the challenge, so I guess, by default, mine really are the fastest humming birds around. East Texas is known for their fast humming birds.  They will be back next spring. I sent them off to a warmer climate to train for next years racing season. I’m looking forward to that. As far as that goes, I’m looking forward to spring. I know, don’t wish your life away but winter is cold. Did I mention it’s going to be in the mid 20’s this week?

Maybe I’m seeing more vivid colors because of the cataract surgery on my left eye. It’s the right eye that I’ll have done this Wednesday. A couple of days from now I’ll be bored with nothing to do and write another post while wearing a funky pair of sunglasses that pinch my head like a pimple. Anyway, I should be seeing better by this time next week. I seldom need my reading glasses now, maybe after this is over I will not need them at all.

BTW, I’m using Dr. Schuricht again for this surgery. I wrote about him a few days ago, I can’t pronounce his name. He explained again that just because we were successful on the first eye, it does not change the odds of something going wrong on this eye. This is the same doctor that said I was his most difficult surgery. You know, 2 of my last 3 ablations were not successful, hope that’s not a trend.


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