Homemade Recumbent Trike

This recumbent was built as a combined effort with my son, grandson and myself. I’ve been riding it about a week now and it is functioning very well. I have a couple of things to do before I tear it down for painting. Really just waiting for some warm and dry weather. Here is a short clip.



Old Buzzard and I don’t mean me.

My view on East Texas

From my window on East Texas, I got this view this morning. I hope he’s not hanging around here waiting for a meal. Just another of the East Texas animals that frequent our back yard.

Hope he's not waiting for a meal around here.

Sunning in the early morning sun.

I have Electrophysiology

Trinity Mother Frances, Canton

Yesterday I went to get an eye exam and schedule my next cataract surgery. I went to see Hans D. Schuricht, MD, FAAO. Dr. Schuricht is a member of Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics organization. I have the distinction of being Dr. Schuricht most difficult surgery. Out of 800 (or 600, I don’t remember which) surgeries, I was his most difficult. Had nothing to do with me being mean or or out of sorts, had to do with the shape of my left eye. He said it took him 2 1/2 hour because the depth of the cavity was so small where the lens goes. BTW, I cannot pronounce Dr. Schuricht. I have heard Dr Schuricht pronounced many times, but I cannot say his last name. I’m not the only one. When I was checking in the receptionist ask me who I was there to see? I told her I couldn’t pronounce his name. She said “you’re here to see Dr. Schuricht”. She had heard that before. My spell checker cannot agree on how it’s spelled. Sometimes it underlines it with one of those red squiggly lines and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ll keep trying. I really like the guy.

My doctor of Electrophysiology is Dr. Stan Weiner. Who is your doctor of Electrophysiology? Dr Wiener is Board Certified in Cardiovascular Disease and Cardio Electrophysiology but his practice is limited to Electrophysiology. That’s how I met him. If he limits his practice to Electrophysiology then I must have Electrophysiology. Stan is not Dr Weiner’s real first name, I can’t find it right now but I cannot pronounce it either. I’ll find and post it later. unfortunately I have seen Dr Wiener numerous times. Maybe I should say, “fortunately I have seen Dr. Wiener numerous times, beats the alternative”. He is another doctor that I like a lot.

I have two cardiologist. One is Robert W. Smith, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.C. How did he get in here? How can Bobby Smith be a doctor? With a name like Bobby Smith he should be driving dragsters or have a fishing show or something. Anyone can pronounce that name. Most of my encounters with Dr. Smith have been as he passed through the room before a procedure, while I was in a daze, and ask if I had any questions or as he passed through the room after a procedure, while I was in a daze, and ask if I had any questions. Someday I’m sure we’ll meet when I’m not in a daze. I do have questions!

Marina Flaskas, MD. is my other cardiologist. I’ve had one scheduled visit with her. She ran an EKG, came in the exam room and explained to me that I have a problem, called an ambulance and sent me to the emergency room at Mother Frances, Tyler. I’m sure she knew I had Electrophysiology at the time, just didn’t want to scare me. I saw her a few days later as I laid on a stretcher going out the door to the ambulance headed for Mother Frances emergency. She said “nice to see you again”. I guess with my heart condition, Electrophysiology , “seeing you again” is not a given. I watched her bio on YouTube, she is Rushin, the East Texas vernacular for Russian. Dr Flaskas is a very nice lady and I’m sure I’ll see her again. I can pronounce her name, just can’t remember it.

Dr. Kenneth Nixon is my family doctor. He’s the one that told me Dr Flaskas was Rushin. I didn’t look his bio up on the internet, but I think he is just a plain ole doctor. I know for sure he is a plain ole East Texan. He coaches Minor League Girls Sports, attends Major League High School Football, goes to church and has a genuine interest in every patient. I learned this on the first visit. Good man.

If I can’t pronounce or remember your name its because I have Electrophysiology. I’m sure that’s one of the side effects. This Christmas I’m going to donate to the Electrophysiology Fund if there is one. My spell checker doesn’t think there is any such word and that is internet software. How could anything, Free, off the internet be wrong. If my spellchecker is correct, and there is no such word as Electrophysiology, I wonder if Dr. Weiner is a real doctor. BTW, my spell checker doesn’t like Weiner either. Puts a red squiggly line under it. Now what does that mean?

Do you know that this afternoon I’m going to a clinic to be tested to see if I’m well enough to have surgery? What if I fail the test and they will not do surgery. If I was well, I wouldn’t need surgery. For me it’s not a big deal, for me it’s just cataract surgery and I have one good eye. But what if you had malignant something or the other and only had three days to live unless it was fixed and you failed the test. What then?

In the last couple of years I had several reasons for visits to both Canton and Tyler facilities of the Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics organization. What a great resource for East Texas.

Baking Powder

Baking Powder Sub

On a recumbent bike forum that I frequent, the owner made reference to a Laser Spy System that was said to be invented in the Soviet Union by Leon Theremin in the late 1940s. The reference was to an article with instructions on making your own laser listening device. Point this laser toward a window and the laser will pick up the vibrations and transfer that into sound.

The first reaction I had to that was “I think I got one of those in a box of cereal when I was a kid”. That was right after I got my diving submarine with one box top and 50 cents sent to the Kellogg Company, Battle Creek, Michigan. Yeah, you spelled it all out. There were no 2 letter state abbreviations and oh, there was no zip codes in those days. After scanning the DIY laser article  I wondered if I would still be able to find any information on my diving submarine powered by baking powder. Yep, sure nuff, a ton of em. First one I looked at was a vid on how to make one from a carrot and toothpicks. Good science fair project.  This was followed by a whole slue of links from Amazon dot com and others selling replicas of the toy from the 50’s.  http://www.torgo.org/bpsubs/index.shtml has instructions on how they work and where to buy them.

As I remember, the sub I got from Kellogg was only a couple of inches long, I see the ones they are selling now are 5 inches or larger. Then again, maybe I just don’t remember right.

Those were the good ole days.