When my father was in his last couple of years at home, one of his favorite things to do was pass the time watching the squirrels in the back yard. He called them his fellows. He used to marvel at their agility and watch them run across the power lines. I miss him. This and many other things I relate as being similar in our lives.

I spend a lot of time at my computer. One of the nice things about my computer location is what I can see from here. I can see the TV from here but for the most part TV is of little interest anymore. Playoff time for sports is about it. GO Rangers. More important is the large window I have that overlooks the backyard. It’s from this window that I first saw the flames in the fence row behind the house. The flames that burned 15 acres or so around the house this summer.

Its also the same window that I get a glimpse of wildlife around our house. The occasional hawk, armadillos, the squirrels and humming birds. It’s the humming birds that I missed this morning. I guess their migration instincts said it’s time to go. I’ll miss them for awhile also.