My Neighbors Pond

Can you see them?

I’ve always had a fascination with ponds and creeks and small lakes. This is a small spring fed pond I see as I enter or exit my property.  I often stop to see the wild life around the pond. Sometimes it pays to just be still for a while.

This is Doug’s Pond. Doug is my neighbor in front by the road. Nice man. This pond is spring fed and empties into a small creek that borders my property. Last week when I walked back to see the fire damage to the back of our property, I had to cross the creek that flows from this pond. In spite of the burnt area around the creek, there was still frogs, minnows and an assortment of dragon flies around the creek. I can only imagine what comes to this creek to drink when no one is around.

Can you see them now?

In the last three years I’ve never seen it drop an inch. As you can see it supports wild life and he has had goats, a couple of feeder calves and at times chickens drinking from this pond.

We don’t have a fancy entrance to this place, but it’s full of life.




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