What’s Up With The Hummers

From my big window on East Texas I would have though the birds would have left the country because of all the fires in our area and particularly here at our home. But I’ve seen more birds this morning, maybe because of the wonderful cool weather that has come our way.

Hummer outside my window.

I’ve always had a fancination with humming birds and how they can dart, dive and hover on one place. This morning I’ve had ample opportunity to see them up close and personal.

This morning there is a humming bird hanging around the feeder and looking in the window. It just stays here. Usually one will stand guard in the nearby pine tree and run the other males away that come to feed. This morning is different. He is not leaving the feeder and flies all around the window.

I should get the manual out that came with my camera and learn to set the ISO for a faster shutter speed and larger f Stop. I knew how to do that on my old Pentax camera, but the new digital camera it’s not as obvious. I’ve taken 30 or 40 pictures of the humming birds and still not really happy with what I have.

The digital camera see the brightness of the sky and adjust to that. I need to see the light on this side of the hummer. Oh well, another day and I’ll take the time to learn the new camera.

I guess I should have put out more feeders, I think there are a lot more humming birds in the area. If I remember correctly, this the time of year to take the feeders down so the humming birds will migrate back to their winter homes. Hate to see them go.

Near Feeder

Stays under here much of the time.



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