Fire Day 5 – Edgewood FD Doing a Great Job

Edgewood Fire Department - Brush 1

After watching the humming birds for awhile this AM I walked down to where yesterdays fire had been in the back ravine. Still a lot of smoldering logs and a tree that is still standing and I think will come down before the day is over. It is smoldering about 20 feet up the trunk. It will get weak at that point and fall. Could scatter more burning embers around the area, and maybe more fires. As I walked back to the house Sue was pointing to the back pasture and telling me that there was smoke coming from that area. Trouble with living here is everything is at least a hundred yards away. By the time I got to the fire, back to get a shovel and back to the fire, it had grown and was to hot for to stay in there. Sue called the Fire Department again.

This one delivers 1,500 gallons

The Edgewood Fire Department came through again. Here in no time and had everything under control. Great job again today as in days past. I know these guys with the Edgewood Volunteer Fire Department have other jobs but their service to the Edgewood community is outstanding. From the Sullivan household, thank you very much.

From the Corner of the House

One of the firefighters told me that the low humidity was the problem. They can hose down an area and in no time it is dry again and susceptible to fire again. All it takes is a flying ember from other smoldering logs and trees. This could go on for days. Everyone pray for rain.

I know that what is happening here in the Edgewood area is small compared to the fires in other parts of the state.  Without the help of the volunteers from the Edgewood Fire Department it would be much worse in our area. Thanks again for a job well done.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see how this started Last Sunday.


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