Missed shots from my big window on East Texas

Since I got my new camera I’ve been making it a point to keep it handy here by my computer. Or I should say, by my big window. Yesterday I went for a drive to get more fire pictures and left my camera in the truck. This morning I missed three, what would have been, great shots.
Yesterday I saw what I thought was just a coincidence. But this morning I saw it happen again. A humming bird and yellow wasp battling over the humming bird feeder. I guess it is the male humming bird protecting his feeder. Being faster and more agile, I think the humming bird won. I’ll be watching for more battles.
I can see a small corner section of the pasture from my window. This morning, near one of the burnout sections of the woods, I saw a hawk jump up off the ground with something in its mouth and land on the top of a fence post. I felt so sorry that I didn’t have my camera. He stayed there for quite some time before taking flight.
And as I write this, again I see a yellow wasp approach the humming bird feeder and being attacked by the humming bird.
And lastly, there was a squirrel climbing out on a very thin limb on one of the pine trees just outside the house. His goal was to get a pine cone growing on the very tip of the limb. With much care he succeeded.
And as I was writing the last paragraph, I looked down and saw my camera still attached to my computer where I downloaded yesterdays pictures.


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