Fire Day 4 – Scroll down the page for the rest of the story.

Day 4 fire north of the house.

I have a big window by my computer station. I’ve been watching the smoke from a downed tree smolder all day. Yesterday I soaked it and thought it might go out but I guess not. About 1:30 I decided to walk out and check on it. The firefighter had already been out 4 times on this area behind (west side) the house. While walking toward the smoldering tree in the back, I looked to my side and flames in the ravine were 30 feet high. I called 911 again and shortly first truck show up and a few minutes later another. Both used all the water they had, walked around the perimeter to make sure nothing was still burning outside the fire area. There are still many smoldering logs and trees in the ravine and they will go on for several days. There is a thick fog of smoke floating across the backyard now. It is getting to close to the house.

I can’t move the house, but later today I’ll move the motor home to a safer area.

I know there are many fires going in Texas now. One of the firefighters from Edgewood, Tx told me they have one of their crews in Longview, TX. We were just beginning to feel safe when this one flared up. Another sleepless night. Thank God for the firefighters and all their efforts. God bless them.

Sue and I had planned to go to First Monday and move more of our sales items but we were to tired. She went to get a few consignment items and take them back to the owners. We will get the balance tomorrow, I hope. I’m glad one of us stayed home today.

My kids and grand kids should should remember this ravine, this is the one we crossed to get to the 3 acres north of the house.


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