Burning Embers AM Follow Up

At daylight I put on my hiking boots to see the back part of the property. This is the backyard with smoke still coming from the woods behind the house. Not bad if you see back in the woods behind this.

This is our backyard this morning.

Its quite a struggle for me to go beyond the ravine that cut across our place. But I wanted to see what it looked like from the direction that the fire took.

The fire came from this direction

Over this rise

This is one of the ravine that cut across the north end of our place. Hope I can still climb up there.

Fire still burning in the revene

This is the north 3 acres

This is my neighbors place

There is still a lot of burning logs on the ground. There are many very old oak trees in this area. I hope they don’t die.  I hate to see old oak trees die. We’ve lost a lot in east Texas from the drought.


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