My Neighbors Pond

Can you see them?

I’ve always had a fascination with ponds and creeks and small lakes. This is a small spring fed pond I see as I enter or exit my property.  I often stop to see the wild life around the pond. Sometimes it pays to just be still for a while.

This is Doug’s Pond. Doug is my neighbor in front by the road. Nice man. This pond is spring fed and empties into a small creek that borders my property. Last week when I walked back to see the fire damage to the back of our property, I had to cross the creek that flows from this pond. In spite of the burnt area around the creek, there was still frogs, minnows and an assortment of dragon flies around the creek. I can only imagine what comes to this creek to drink when no one is around.

Can you see them now?

In the last three years I’ve never seen it drop an inch. As you can see it supports wild life and he has had goats, a couple of feeder calves and at times chickens drinking from this pond.

We don’t have a fancy entrance to this place, but it’s full of life.




Old Cemetery at Third Monday Trades Day

Buckner Cemetery is located on the grounds of Third Monday Trade Days and tells the beginning and fate of Buckner, McKinney and Collin County. You may enlarge the thumbnail pics for a larger view of the signs around the cemetery. It looks like at one time the cemetery was cleaned up, but now it is kind of run down, but I guess not bad for something from the 1800’s. Maybe this is the way old things are supposed to look. I imagine this old cemetery has fared far better than others not located in such a prominent place.

Here are the people whom have been burried in the Buckner Cemetery.

Texas On The Go went to Third Monday

This past weekend, Texas On The Go Went to Third Monday or McKinney Trade Days. Similar to First Monday in Canton. Except for the distance, I think I like Third Monday better. Third Monday is smaller, but I think you get just as much exposure past your booth. Sales have always been somewhat better for us at Third Monday.

Sue setting up the booth at Third Monday

We loaded the Motorhome, pickup and SUV with merchandise and headed out. This trip was nice because we had the motorhome in which to stay. Last trip to Third Monday, we drove back home each night.

Sue had a nice display with a lot of things for sale and very nice neighbors on each side of our booth. I would have called this weekend a success had it not been for the blowout on the way home. I’m sure that is a $300 tire.

Is there no such thing as an original thought!

Recumbent made from water skis

This past weekend we had a sale space at Canton Trade Days. I always take some time and walk the flea market to see what things people bring to sale. There was a very large display of outdoor lawn furniture made from old water skis. I though it was really cool. I also though that design would make a cool recumbent seat for a bike.
Someone beat me to it. How could that happen? How could someone else have the same thought as far out in left field as that?

Fire Day 5 – Edgewood FD Doing a Great Job

Edgewood Fire Department - Brush 1

After watching the humming birds for awhile this AM I walked down to where yesterdays fire had been in the back ravine. Still a lot of smoldering logs and a tree that is still standing and I think will come down before the day is over. It is smoldering about 20 feet up the trunk. It will get weak at that point and fall. Could scatter more burning embers around the area, and maybe more fires. As I walked back to the house Sue was pointing to the back pasture and telling me that there was smoke coming from that area. Trouble with living here is everything is at least a hundred yards away. By the time I got to the fire, back to get a shovel and back to the fire, it had grown and was to hot for to stay in there. Sue called the Fire Department again.

This one delivers 1,500 gallons

The Edgewood Fire Department came through again. Here in no time and had everything under control. Great job again today as in days past. I know these guys with the Edgewood Volunteer Fire Department have other jobs but their service to the Edgewood community is outstanding. From the Sullivan household, thank you very much.

From the Corner of the House

One of the firefighters told me that the low humidity was the problem. They can hose down an area and in no time it is dry again and susceptible to fire again. All it takes is a flying ember from other smoldering logs and trees. This could go on for days. Everyone pray for rain.

I know that what is happening here in the Edgewood area is small compared to the fires in other parts of the state.  Without the help of the volunteers from the Edgewood Fire Department it would be much worse in our area. Thanks again for a job well done.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see how this started Last Sunday.

What’s Up With The Hummers

From my big window on East Texas I would have though the birds would have left the country because of all the fires in our area and particularly here at our home. But I’ve seen more birds this morning, maybe because of the wonderful cool weather that has come our way.

Hummer outside my window.

I’ve always had a fancination with humming birds and how they can dart, dive and hover on one place. This morning I’ve had ample opportunity to see them up close and personal.

This morning there is a humming bird hanging around the feeder and looking in the window. It just stays here. Usually one will stand guard in the nearby pine tree and run the other males away that come to feed. This morning is different. He is not leaving the feeder and flies all around the window.

I should get the manual out that came with my camera and learn to set the ISO for a faster shutter speed and larger f Stop. I knew how to do that on my old Pentax camera, but the new digital camera it’s not as obvious. I’ve taken 30 or 40 pictures of the humming birds and still not really happy with what I have.

The digital camera see the brightness of the sky and adjust to that. I need to see the light on this side of the hummer. Oh well, another day and I’ll take the time to learn the new camera.

I guess I should have put out more feeders, I think there are a lot more humming birds in the area. If I remember correctly, this the time of year to take the feeders down so the humming birds will migrate back to their winter homes. Hate to see them go.

Near Feeder

Stays under here much of the time.


Fire Day 4 – Scroll down the page for the rest of the story.

Day 4 fire north of the house.

I have a big window by my computer station. I’ve been watching the smoke from a downed tree smolder all day. Yesterday I soaked it and thought it might go out but I guess not. About 1:30 I decided to walk out and check on it. The firefighter had already been out 4 times on this area behind (west side) the house. While walking toward the smoldering tree in the back, I looked to my side and flames in the ravine were 30 feet high. I called 911 again and shortly first truck show up and a few minutes later another. Both used all the water they had, walked around the perimeter to make sure nothing was still burning outside the fire area. There are still many smoldering logs and trees in the ravine and they will go on for several days. There is a thick fog of smoke floating across the backyard now. It is getting to close to the house.

I can’t move the house, but later today I’ll move the motor home to a safer area.

I know there are many fires going in Texas now. One of the firefighters from Edgewood, Tx told me they have one of their crews in Longview, TX. We were just beginning to feel safe when this one flared up. Another sleepless night. Thank God for the firefighters and all their efforts. God bless them.

Sue and I had planned to go to First Monday and move more of our sales items but we were to tired. She went to get a few consignment items and take them back to the owners. We will get the balance tomorrow, I hope. I’m glad one of us stayed home today.

My kids and grand kids should should remember this ravine, this is the one we crossed to get to the 3 acres north of the house.