Tackle Box

I think I need a couple of tool boxes and a new/used tackle box (with tackle). I need the new tool boxes because I’m getting old and don’t carry as much weight as I used to carry. Hense I’ll get more tool boxes and put fewer tools in each one. I think I need a new tackle box because I think I want to start fishing again.

This is First Monday Trade Days weekend in Canton, Tx. and should be a source that would fill the bill for both items. If you’re not familiar with First Monday, the worlds largest outdoor flea market, I’ll give you a couple of links that should fill in the needed information for you. Read as little or as much as you like. http://www.firstmondaycanton.com/ or http://www.1stmonday.com/ or Google First Monday Trades Days. Be forwarned, nothing is there on the first Monday of the month. The event happens the 4 days prior to the first Monday of the month.

About 8:30 this a.m. I dunned some clothes suitable for 100+ degrees expected again this 30th day of July and headed off on the 6 mile trip to Trades Day. I guess most people in northeast Texas didn’t think it was wise to get out into the Texas extreme heat. The west entrance gate parking lot was only about 1/4 full allowing me to park within a few hundred feet of the entrance.

Sue and I have been vendors at First Monday in past years and I know my way around the 300 acres of booths, buildings, tabernacles, etc. that spot the area called First Monday. The parking lot was an indicator that the visitor population was down, but as I made my way to the peanut man’s booth, a friend of mine, I noticed that the vendor population was about 75 percent of what I normally see at First Monday. So, if you want to avoid the crowds, go to First Monday in July and August. The crowds were pretty slim when it was 23 degrees in January a couple of years ago. March, April and May the average temperature is 75. It’s always fun.

I saw a couple of tool boxes that were to light duty and a couple of tackle boxes that were to expensive.  At least to expensive for me. But in my roamings around the First Monday grounds I made a new friend. He is a vendor that comes 11 months out of the year. Takes off deer season opening. Jim and I talked for an hour or so about fishing and stuff that neither of us will remember in a few days. I’ll go back tomorrow and pay his price for the tackle box maybe.

As you can see from some of the pictures I took today, there are a lot of collectibles, antiques, junk and stuff that will be junk if you buy it. First Monday is an hour look or a 3 day adventure.  Ya’ll come.


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